Saturday, April 14, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Nursery Art

Hope everyone had a great Easter and Passover! We had a great weekend with our little bunny!

So I still haven't had a chance to catch up yet. Stay tuned for posts on this (delish!), this (pretty good), this (failure), this (pretty good), and more at some point in the future.

Today I am finally going to post on a project I started while still on maternity leave. I pinned this photo a long time ago - I thought it would be a cute way to add some color into our very chocolate and vanilla nursery:

So I set out to find some cream, blue, and brown fabrics and some embroidery hoops. Apparently, AC Moore and Michaels don't carry embroidery hoops (or not very many). When I went to Joann's Fabric, I looked around for some. All I could find were these plastic ones. Although they were colored (and some brightly), I thought I would just spray paint them and make them all white, so I picked up a bunch.

My laziness and lack of patience led to the failure of this idea. I just bought regular old spray paint and thought that would work. After one coat, I knew there was no way it was going to cover. Then, after the second coat, I knew there was no way it was going to stick. It was flaking off before I even got them in the house.
Paint chipping = Fail.

Clearly I should have bought the paint made to stick to plastic and/or primed them first. Oh well, on to Plan B: order some hoops online. Not only were they cheaper, they arrived in just a couple days!

Amazon ordered hoops

Fabric collection

So I started cutting the fabric and sticking it in the hoops.

Then I played around with placement:

Once I decided I liked which fabrics were in which sized hoop, I trimmed them up. They sort of look unfinished, and because of the fabric in the back, they wouldn't lay flat on the wall. So I trimmed as much as I could, then hot-glued the fabric to the frame - the instructions in the pin said to do this, I was just hoping to not have to so I could swap out the fabric or maybe use them again for something else.

Then they sat, in a pile, on JJ's dresser for weeks.

Finally I recruited Joe to help me hang them over the crib. I tried to replicate the layout I liked on the floor, but we sort of just started throwing them up there. I used super strong 3M Velcro hanging strips for the J's, and just regular picture hanging hooks for the hoops.

We took a step back and checked them out. Not loving the placement. We spaced them way too far apart (I hadn't looked at the pin in awhile), and I think I need some more. But, at least they are off the dresser and hung. And this nursery finally has something else hanging on the wall besides these counting cards. I have a couple spare small hoops, so I may venture out and hunt down a couple more fabrics.

"Finished" product

JJ's view from the crib

Side note, this little guy is my favorite:

I know it is a bit girly, but its special to me. I read a million blogs and websites while I was pregnant about what to bring to the hospital. I think it as on Ashley's that I read to buy a cute pillow case. Since so many pics are taken with you laying on it, its more fun to have something you like than just a plain white one back there. So while I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for me to go into labor, I did a lot of shopping. I found these cute pillow cases from Walmart of all places, and fell in love. Blue and brown were our wedding colors, and I knew I would use these cases again. Of course I have only a couple pics with this pillow behind me, but you can see a little of it here, while we were getting JJ in his too-big bear suit on discharge day! 

Because we had a boy, I thought the blue would fit nice in his room. The cases actually came in a little pouch that was the same pattern, so I used the pouch for this hoop.

Anyway, there is my super long post on the nursery art that I am still not happy with. Once I get some more stuff on the walls and paint the closet doorknobs, I will do a full nursery post. Expect it sometime after JJ is in a real bed!

So what do you think? Any ideas on how to make it look a little better? Do you think I should paint the J's? Leave your suggestions in the comments!


  1. So super cute. What a fun and easy idea for a baby shower gift. I think I'm gonna try to make these. Love the way your's turned out.

    1. Thanks! Let us know how yours turn out!

  2. So cute! I've been thinking about doing something similar. I have the hoops, I have the I just have to muster up some third trimester pregnant lady energy to finish the project. :)

    1. Thanks Nichole! Hope you're enjoying your new little boy!

  3. Darling idea! Too bad nobody had thot of it when I was
    expecting (that's years However, I can always
    use it for a grandchild or a shower gift. Thanks !

  4. Do you remember the seller you bought the embroidery hoops from on Amazon?

    1. I just looked it up: Here's one of them:

      Are you planning something similar? We'd love to see the results!


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