Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I am not sure we have any male readers - but just in case - Happy Father's Day! I just wanted to share my version of this Father's Day Idea that is all over Pinterest:

I saw this for the first time last June, as I am a follower of Heather Drive in my google reader. I have actually been reading her blog(s) since her wedding planning days! Anyway, while Joe was out with some coworkers, I seized the opportunity to have a little photo shoot in the front yard. It's hard to get a 7 month old to not eat everything in his hands. Here are some outtakes:


A little cloud gazing...

...before a little meltdown. Ok, photo session over!

 But I managed to squeak out a couple good ones. I am still experimenting with my new camera and lighting and all the settings, but I think this is much better than anything I could have done with my old camera.

Here's the finished product:

Cute, right? I think it will look great on Joe's desk at work, and like the original post says, it could be fun to retake the same photos every year.

We are off to our brother and sister-in-laws house this afternoon for a Father's Day BBQ and to celebrate our Dad's 60th Birthday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Stay tuned for some changes - Shannon and I are working on some new headers/layouts!

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