Thursday, August 30, 2012

Airport Survival Kit

As I mentioned in my last post, Shannon and our Dad are off visiting Kelsey in Australia. Kelsey has been there since the end of June, "studying" abroad for a semester in Geelong. She's been doing some travelling, met some great friends and is having an amazing time. I am sure she is doing a little studying here and there as well. We miss her (especially JJ since she was babysitting for him before she left), but we are so happy she is living it up and having the experience of a lifetime.

Anyway, before she left, my mom had our local family over for dinner to wish her off. The travel time from NJ to where she is in Australia was about 24 hours. I know I would go nuts being by myself and stuck on a plane for hours on end to a strange new place. To help her survive her long journey, I put together a little "survival kit". I have pinned a couple "kits" here and there - but never found quite what I was looking for, so I just gathered some of her favorite things and put them together for her.

I got some magazines (to help kill some time) and some other "toiletry" items I know I like to have on hand: chapstick, lotion, gum and some whisps. I made sure they were under 3oz so she could carry them on. I bought some of her favorite candy and rounded it out with a batch of my chocolate chip cookies (she loves them and I figured a taste of home might be nice once she arrives). Lastly, I included a card with a couple pics of her and her niece and nephew so she could hang them up in her room.

Although the travel was rough, she said the kit helped (especially the candy). We miss you Kelsey - can't wait to see you in November!

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