Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes: Re-Visited

Last February, I made some Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough Cupcakes using a recipe I saw on Kevin and Amanda. At the time, I wasn't very happy with how they turned out but I had some ideas on how they can be improved.

Last month, there was a bake sale at work and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to try the cupcakes again but using my modifications.

I used the same technique as explained on Kevin & Amanda that I used the first time. The general gist is to make the eggless cookie dough, roll it into balls, and then freeze them. While the cookie dough freezes, make the cupcake batter and pour it into the cupcake pan. The frozen cookie dough balls go on top of the cupcake batter and then they get baked.

However, this time instead of using the cookie dough recipe on Kevin & Amanda, I used the eggless cookie dough recipe I used for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles that I made last year. I didn't take any progress pictures, but if you want to see how that dough is made, you can check out the truffle post.

I also switched out the boxed cupcake mix for the cupcake batter I used in the Cannoli Cupcakes I made last January. Again, I didn't take any progress pictures, but if you want to see how to make that batter, check out the Cannoli Cupcake post.

I was lazy and used store bought frosting instead of attempting to make my own.

These chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes came out much better then the first attempt! The cupcake batter recipe I used this time is honestly the best cupcake batter ever! It’s such a great recipe.

I will say that these cupcakes were still on the heavy side. But it was a vast improvement on my first attempt. If I every make these again, I would roll the cookie dough into much smaller balls. I think that would help with how heavy they are.

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