Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fudge Kiss Cookies

Today, I am gathering with a few friends to have a holiday potluck lunch and exchange secret Santa gifts. I volunteered to bring a dessert (surprise, surprise). I looked to pinterest and decided to try out these Fudge Kiss Cookies I've had pinned for over a year. The recipe comes from What Megan’s Making.

What Megan's Making

I gathered up my supplies, which seems to always be a difficult task for me. I went to Shaw’s first and they were completely out of Sugar Cookie mix (the shelf was wiped clean) and Hershey’s candy cane kisses. So I headed to Stop n’Shop where I was able to get the cookie mix but no candy cane kisses. I settled on getting a variety of other kisses flavors instead.

I melted the butter & chocolate per the instructions.

Added the sweetened condensed milk.

Mixed in the cookie mix & cinnamon.

Then using heaping tablespoons, I formed the dough into balls and baked at 350 for 7 minutes.

While the cookies were baking, I unwrapped the Hershey’s kisses.

Immediately after removing the cookies from the oven, I pressed 1 candy into the center of each.

After letting the cookies sit on the cookie sheet for 5 minutes, I tapped the tip of the kisses down.

And done!

The Verdict: These were super easy to make. They were really tasty but also very, very rich. Megan wasn't kidding when she called these fudge kiss cookies.

Things to Note/Consider: I wouldn't change anything about this recipe. It was perfect! I used three different varieties of kisses – dark chocolate, caramel, and white & milk chocolate hugs. The dark chocolate kisses didn't press down as well as the Hugs variety. Also, the caramel ones melted quickly. I would have preferred to have the candy cane kisses because they would have looked more festive but oh well! These tasted fine anyway.

Fudge Kiss Cookies
adapted from What Megan’s Making

1/3 cup butter
6 oz unsweetened baking chocolate
1 can (14oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 pouch Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix
1 tsp ground cinnamon
60 Hershey’s kisses

  • Heat oven to 350 degrees
  • In a large bowl, microwave butter & chocolate on high for 1 minute then stir
  • Microwave on high again for 1 minute or until butter is melted & chocolate can be stirred smooth
  • Mix in condensed milk
  • Stir in cookie mix & cinnamon until well blended
  • Shape dough into balls and place on ungreased cookie sheets
  • Bake 7 minutes (do not over bake)
  • Once out of the oven, immediately press 1 candy into the center of each cookie
  • Cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes
  • Lightly tap the top of the kiss down
  • Cool completely

This will probably be the last post until after Christmas. But we should have plenty of new posts in the new year! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! [sung like N*sync]

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