Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

I hope everyone survived the Blizzard of 2013! I got almost 2 feet of snow outside my apartment -not very fun when your car is parked on the street!

Friday was a snow day for me and with a state wide driving ban I did not go anywhere. I spent Friday cleaning the apartment, binge eating junk food, & watching television (anyone as happy as me that Dallas is back? – I hate to love that John Ross). But by Saturday, I had caught up on most of shows and was getting a bit bored- insert Pinterest. I just so happen to have a bake sale at work today so I wanted to try out a few baking related pins.

The first thing I tried was heart shaped cupcakes.

The original pin has been all over Pinterest since Pinterest started. It looked super cute and it seems like everyone has this pinned- so I figured it must be easy.


The idea is to place a marble in between the cupcake liner and cupcake tin. I didn't have any marbles but MusesofMegret said that balled up aluminum foil works as well - so aluminum foil it was!

I started by balling up some pieces of aluminum foil

Then I placed them on the outside of the liners like the source pin shows.

I used boxed cake mix- Valentine’s Funfetti (love it!) and filled the liners.

I only did half of cupcakes as hearts, just in case they didn't come out right. I didn't want to waste a whole batch since I was planning on selling them at the bake sale.

I threw them in the oven for 19 minutes as directed on the box.

Whomp Whomp. They certainly did not look like hearts.

I had one that looked semi-decent.

Obviously I filled the liners with too much batter. But regardless, even I filled them the right amount, I still don’t think they would look like hearts – maybe if you squint with one eye closed. 

Perhaps the marbles work better? Thank goodness I only tried the hearts with half of the batch!

If you want to try this pin on your own, my suggestions would be - make sure you position the marble/aluminum ball perfectly, be wary of how much batter you put in the liner, & make sure the batter is spread out in the liner.

The good thing is that they still taste delicious!

Regular cupcake from the batch
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  1. yummy! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-)



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