Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bookshelf Styling

Remember my old bookcase from my bookcase revamp post? It was seriously sad looking. Forget the bowing shelves, the styling was just terrible.

I just threw up all my books with no thought to if it looked nice. At one point all the books were in alphabetical order but that didn't last long.

I decided that with my new bookcase, I needed to put some thought into the styling of it. I had a few things pinned with tips & inspiration on how to style book shelves.


The first thing I did was go through my books to see what I could give away. I made a pile to bring with me next time I go to NJ for Kelsey to read. I made another pile of books I had borrowed that I needed to return and I put all of those aside. That left me with a cleaner slate. Then I just started to layer in the books in a bunch of different ways.

I just played around with some different combinations of books and a few other items I had on hand. This is what I ended up with for now.

On the top shelf I added a starfish that I had and a frame I bought from HomeGoods for $4.99. Doesn't the frame match the back of the bookcase perfectly?

On the second shelf I added another plain frame. I think I got it for $2 at Target. I may remove that blue jar in the back. I had it lying around (got it at Christmas Tree Shop for $6) so I threw it in there. Now, looking at the pictures, I'm thinking that it doesn't match the color scheme of the room. 

I’m not exactly satisfied with the bottom shelf at this point. I can deal with it for now but I’ll probably be tweaking it soon. The basket on the bottom was only $4.99 at HomeGoods!

I would like to get some more accessories to layer in and also bring in some yellow trinkets to tie in my comforter. For the mean time, I think this is a vast improvement to how my old book case looked.

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