Monday, March 4, 2013

Caprese Dip

Back in November, I was scheduled to host Book Club. And then Superstorm Sandy hit and we lost power for 8 days. The power loss also forced us to postpone JJ's first birthday party (I swear one day I will share pics of that as well) and before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season had begun. As a result of all that, Book Club got pushed back to the end of January. We had to remind each other a bit about the book since it had been so long, but we made it work. If anyone is interested, we read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The general consensus was that it was really hard to put down and super engaging, but the end didn't quite feel right with everyone.

Anyway, my friend MC made this delicious Caprese Dip at her Christmas party a couple weeks before (when I made the Dough Dips) and I thought it would be perfect for Book Club. I did a quick search on Pinterest for a recipe and found tons. I picked this one because it seemed to have the most direction:

From the Foodie Couple
It really is so simple to do. I just cut up my cheese, tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes) and basil ahead of time and threw it in the fridge.

About 15 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive I put it in the oven. It took more like 20 minutes and then 10 minutes in the broiler, but that could be because I refrigerated it first.

Once out of the over I drizzled some balsamic vinegar on it, but I think I did it a little early because it sort of just mixed with the melted cheese and oil that was on top - not my prettiest presentation. I served it with some pita chips and french bread.

The Verdict: Apparently this dip was nothing new to the club. It was served at a meeting I missed last year. Oh well, I think we still enjoyed it. It tastes really good especially right out of the oven. And it is really one of the easier apps you could ever make.

Things to Consider: While it is tasty, it is really hard to eat. Its hard to scoop out and get on your bread without the cheese "stringing up" all over the place. And it cools off so fast that it starts to sort of gel together. It was suggested that it might be easier to use a mini crock pot or something else that would keep it warm and easier to eat. Cleaning the dish after was also not very fun. Overall, though, I would probably make it again if I needed something quick and fresh for a small group.
I also made these spinach dip cups for this book club meeting and will have another post reviewing them soon.
Has anyone else tried this dip? Any tips on making it easier to serve?

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