Thursday, September 22, 2016

DIY Fall Wreath

Happy First Day of Fall! Its still in the 80s and humid here in NJ, but I have been holding off on fall decorating long enough. I pulled out all the fall decor boxes from the attic last week and realized I don't have anything to hang on my door that's not Halloween related. Like I mentioned in my last post, we are thinking of listing our house in the spring so I have been trying to use some of my maternity leave to spruce some things up to make it more appealing for buyers. I just finished up painting the front door (but sort of made it look worse so now Joe has to fix it - oops!) and the outside trim around the door and window. I also washed down the outside lights and got rid of all the scary spider webs. It all looks so nice - its just begging for a new wreath!

I have been pinning non-seasonal wreaths for a bit - like this one, and this one but ultimately decided to use this one as my model:

Everyday Wreath from jennyCmoon on Etsy
I went to Michaels and just sort of wandered around looking for a "V" that would work and then found a coordinating ribbon and flowers. I love how the ribbon, V, and oak leaves all had hints of red and gold. I spent a little over $20 for all of it (including the wire):

First I glued down the V (using some E6000 we already had) and starting laying out where I wanted the hydrangeas to go.

Next I used the wire and ribbon to make a bow, but hated it (way too big!) so started over.

This bow is way too big - time to redo!

Once I was happy with where I placed everything, I wired it to the wreath. It was easiest to start with the bow, then work my way out. In places where I couldn't get it very tight, I followed up with some glue to make sure it was really secure. The leaf steams tucked into the grapevine wreath really well so they were easy.

And here is the finished product (and you can clearly see where I messed up the door - I filled in a crack and could not get it sanded smooth. I figured the paint would hide the imperfections, but I was wrong!):

Once I get the rest of my pumpkins up and some mums on the porch, I will post on more fall decor. I am also itching to do some pumpkin baking - although if I have any chance of fitting into my work clothes in a few weeks perhaps that's a bad idea!

For now I am off to get my first PSL of the season and pray for some cooler less humid weather!

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