Saturday, January 14, 2012

Low Calorie, Quick, Coq Au Vin

It's amazing what having a baby can do to your perception of time. I set out to accomplish a couple things each day (like updating the blog) and I just never get to it. Sorry for my lack of posts lately - I have a stockpile of things, I just can't seem to get to the computer to type them up!

Since I am still trying to work on time management - anything with "quick" in the recipe is right up my alley. This has been one of my most popular and repinned pins:

Low calorie is also appealing since I have only a couple weeks left to get myself to be able to squeeze my gut and butt into my work pants. The recipe was easy - but forgive me, I didn't take many pics:
Sauteing the chicken

Sauteing the carrots, mushrooms, and tomato paste

Liquids, peas, and onions added and simmering

The only pic of the semi-finished product I have!

The Verdict: As promised, it was delish! I was afraid it might be a bit bland, but I was wrong. I served with some biscuits instead of mashed potatoes as suggested - I think the sauce would be great on the potatoes - next time!

Things to Consider: I would probably add some more carrots and peas - it had room for some more veggies. It also took a little longer for me than the times listed, but I have a tendency to have my heat too low (I am paranoid about burning stuff on the outside and it still be raw on the inside).

This is definitely making it into the normal rotation. It was hearty and warm for winter, plus sort of an "all in one" and one pan meal. I will definitely be checking out more from Skinny Kitchen soon - I don't want people to think I am pregnant again!

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