Monday, October 29, 2012

Mummy Door

It’s that time of year again – time for some friendly Halloween competition at work! Each year, my office hosts a door decorating & a pumpkin decorating competition. You may recall that last year, I decorated my office door with bats and a witch.

This year I decided to copy Honey & Fitz’s DIY Mummy door.

Honey & Fitz
All you need is some white streamers & some construction paper. So easy & so cheap!

Just wrap the white streamers back and forth across the door. It definitely looks nicer when you overlap and criss-cross the streamers. I just used regular scotch tape to secure the streamers and it worked great.

For the eyes, I just cut out circles from regular construction paper and taped it up.

I apologize for the picture quality. I only had the camera on my phone.

 It did take a bit longer then I originally anticipated. To complete the door it took about 30-45 minutes.

I love it! I think it came out so cute! I will let you know if we win the competition. 

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