Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Some exciting news- we just obtained the domain name for PinsterSisters! Starting tomorrow, you should no longer need to type in the .blogspot.  Just simply enter in your internet browser to stop by!

Also, Grace and I are very excited for the Pinterst Challenge hosted by YoungHouseLove & Bower Power. They are two of our favorite blogs – check them out if you haven’t already! Grace and I will need to decide if we want to link a project we’ve already done or try something new. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Now on to my pinterst project…

This week my work is celebrating Halloween with two contests –department door decorating & department pumpkin decorating.

Each department can decorate a door in the Back of the House (I work in a hotel) and each department can also decorate a pumpkin. I think the prizes are a pizza party and an ice cream party - but I just want the glory of winning!

The contests were announced almost a month ago but for some reason I decided to wait until Monday night to figure out what my department was going to do. The sad part is - I’m the one who announced the contests and am facilitating them. You would think I would have been prepared, but of course, I wasn't! So what did I do? You guessed it…. looked to Pinterest for inspiration.

For the door decorating I took two pins and combined them. The original pins were from GoodHouskeeping and CountryLiving.

I bought some black poster board and got to work! Both sites had templates which made it pretty straight forward and easy. The only down side, if anything, was that it was a bit tedious cutting out all those bats.

For the witch’s cape, I used purple tissue paper.  Since the door is inside, I just used masking tape to attach everything.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cute broom to attach but I think it looked fine as is.

For the pumpkin I found this cute “Headless Horseman” pumpkin on and decided to try my hand at it. This was a cute, easy project that I think would be fun to do with kids.

I painted the large pumpkin black on Tuesday. I also stopped by the craft store and picked up some foam to create the arms, hands, and feet.

Since I waited so long to get my act together, I had a hard time finding a smaller pumpkin to use as the head. I tried two supermarkets and Target but they only had HUGE pumpkins left.

When I arrived at work in this morning I was pretty defeated and had no idea what I’d use for the head. The pumpkins were due at 10:30am so the pressure was on! My boss and I brainstormed and decided to use a cantaloupe. I ran up to the produce fridge and grabbed one - a perk of working in a hotel!

I went ahead and painted the cantaloupe white. I soon discovered that cantaloupes don't dry as quickly as pumpkins so I had to use a hairdryer (grabbed from Housekeeping!) to speed up the drying time. Then my boss used a sharpie to draw on the face.

I used the extra tissue paper I had from the witch’s door as the horseman’s cape. If I had some more time, I probably would have darkened the eyes and mouth a bit so that it was more pronounced (maybe use black paint instead of the sharpie). Other than that, I was happy with the end result – especially given how last minute it was!

This year the competitions have been pretty competitive. The other departments came up with some great pumpkins (Sales made a Pacman pumpkin-awesome!) and some great doors.

Winners are announced on Friday. I’ll let you know if I win!

Update: Like these Halloween crafts? Then check out my vampire bat pumpkin and mummy door.

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