Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another pumpkin free dessert! Shannon has tried these before and said they are always a hit, so I figured it was about time I give it a go. I was invited to an Oktoberfest party last weekend with some former co-workers, who all loved when I used to bake cookies, so I thought why not try these and enhance my already perfected chocolate chip cookie routine!

There are lots of fun things on Picky Palate - in fact there was just a post on Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies - so cute!

Anyway, I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough Friday night using my usual recipe (a slightly modified Nestle Toll House recipe without the nuts) and put it in the fridge overnight to chill.

Then Saturday, a couple hours before we left for the party, I started the stuffing process. Shannon warned me not to use too much dough around the Oreos or I would wind up with a pancake of a cookie with a big lump in the middle. I found that my best method was to make a small flat circle of dough, plop the Oreo on there, and then try to use as little dough as possible on top to get the whole Oreo covered. I tried my best to document in photos, but I am still working on my photography skills:

(top sheet is halfway through baking, bottom sheet just got put in)

Fresh out of the oven.  A little lumpy, but not bad.

And here is the finished product:

Verdict: Delicious! Everyone who had one seemed to like them. They are a bit heavy though, so I don't think I would be in danger of eating a whole batch (like I could be with regular Chocolate Chip Cookies!). I will definitely be making these again. 

Things to consider: It seems to be easier to work with chilled dough. When its room temperature, it gets sticky and more seems to stick on your hands than to the Oreo. Also they were great fresh, but not sure how long they will keep.

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