Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Are we getting sick of pumpkin treats yet? Since we only really use pumpkin for 2 months a year, I think Shannon and I are trying to cash in as much as we can!

I saw this recipe recently on Real Simple and pinned it so I wouldn't forget about it. They call them Pumpkin Cream Sandwiches, but to me its just the fall version of a Whoopie Pie:
(source: Real Simple)

I was waiting for a reason to bake them, and then I received a super secret facebook message from one of Joe's (my husband) co-workers inviting me to a surprise baby shower they were throwing for us. They scheduled it so I was able to come and be part of the surprise. In order to thank them, I thought bringing some sweet treats to the party would be a good idea. Since I had to leave the house by noon and also had to do some food shopping that morning, I needed to make something easy. Perfect opportunity for a Simple recipe. I mixed up the ingredients:

Baked the cookies:

And realized that one batch was only going to make 6 sandwiches. Not enough. So I had to make another batch, and even made them a bit smaller the second time around.

Here is my finished product:

(and that is two batches worth)

Verdict: The recipe was pretty easy and I had almost everything I needed already in my pantry. They tasted delicious and seemed to be enjoyed by all. I would definitely make them again.

Things to consider: The batch is very, very small so either double it or prepare yourself for at least two batches. Also I cheated a bit by using store bought cream cheese frosting. I find that making cream cheese frosting from scratch always comes out a bit too sweet for me. I was able to use one can for both batches. The sandwiches were great fresh, but I am not sure how well they would store overnight.

The shower was really sweet and I am thankful my husband gets to work with such great people!
Next recipe review from me won't be pumpkin related - I swear!

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