Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Infestation Part Two

Just wanted to share a quick post showing the rest of my entranceway all done up for Halloween. You saw my easy paper mice a week or so ago:

You can see a glimpse of the "spooky fabric" hanging on the banister, so here is a more zoomed out view:

I used more of the fabric on the console table.

And added some spiders from Walmart, spider webs, and birds from Michaels.

And right outside the front door, I dressed up the front porch with my hand painted candy corn pots, some mums, and pumpkins:

I also put the smallest mums I could find in my window boxes, but they were still a bit too big.

I painted the pots three years ago - I think they need some touch ups and some sealer this time. I'll be sure to make a post on them when I do that in case anyone wants to give it a try!

So there's a couple more pics of my Halloween/Fall Decorating of my entranceway. Hopefully I will have a chance to decorate for Christmas this year and will share pics of that too!

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