Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vampire Bat Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is safe and sound after Hurricane Sandy. Grace unfortunately is trapped in her house due to a down power line in her driveway. We're all hoping that she won't need to cancel JJ's birthday party on Saturday. 

Here in Boston, all is well. At work today, we will be celebrating Halloween by announcing the door decorating winner & pumpkin decorating winner. You may recall that last year I made the Headless Horseman pumpkin – but sadly it didn't win.

This year, I once again decided to use a Michael’s craft idea.

My department went for this cute and seemingly easy Vampire Bat pumpkin. I apologize for the lack of pictures and the picture quality. I put the pumpkin together at work and didn't take the time to take progress pictures.

I found the perfect round pumpkin and painted it black with acrylic paint. Luckily the Michael’s website had templates for the wings, ears, eyes, and mouth. We used just normal card stock for the eyes, mouth and fangs and black foam for ears and wings. We attached everything on Friday afternoon using a hot glue gun as suggested on the website.

But sadly, when we came in on Monday (the morning the pumpkins were due) the wings had fallen off ripping some of the black paint off with it. We quickly reattached the wings with hot glue and tried to reinforce it with some tape on the back side. However, the wings didn't want to hold and just sort of hung on by a thread. You can kind of see it in the picture below.

The next day (yesterday) I came back into the room where the pumpkins were displayed and someone was nice enough to reattach the wings using black tape.

In hindsight we should have sliced a slit into either side of the pumpkin and slid the wings in that way.

I’ll find out the winner this afternoon and let you know if I won!

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