Monday, January 14, 2013

Now and Later Cookies - A Housewarming Gift

Our cousin Claire just closed on her first house. It is such a cute place and I am so unbelievable excited for her. This past Saturday she moved all her stuff in. Joe went earlier in the day to do the heavy lifting, and JJ and I stopped by in the afternoon to bring some treats and I wanted to bring her a housewarming gift.

I saw a lot of pins in December showcasing frozen cookie dough as a gift. I love the idea because I feel like everyone gets a ton of cookies, but because they get so many a lot go to waste. And lets be honest, I am a cookie lover, but after a week straight of gorging myself on them, I have had enough. The idea is to provide the dough so the recipient can make a fresh batch when all the holiday craziness is over. See example here:

I also saw this one:

that combined the dough with a cookie scoop. That made me think of using this idea as a housewarming gift and provide the cookie baking supplies. I knew Claire didn't have any cookie sheets so the idea seemed perfect. I also decided to actually bake some of the cookies to provide a snack to the people there, and give a taste of what she can expect when she bakes them up herself.

I bought a couple cookie sheets, an oven mitt, spatula, and a couple freezerware containers while I was at the food store. Once I had the dough made, I froze a little more than half into individual cookies so she can bake just a couple at a time if she wants. Then I packaged it all up, and added a little tag with baking instructions.

The Results:
I think she really liked it. I know all the helpers enjoyed the fresh cookies. Also I didn't realize when I bought it but she also really needed that oven mitt - she didn't have one yet. Honestly though I am not sure if the dough will ever see the inside of the oven - its tempting to eat it right from the freezer!

Things to Consider:
I wish I had thought of this idea a little earlier so I could have sought out some cuter packaging. I love those little tubs I see from some of the pins. A cuter label would have been nice too but I was trying to cram it all in during JJ's nap. I think I will definitely make some of these for Christmas this year as a cute and inexpensive gift.

Looking for another housewarming gift idea? See Shannon's gift basket from last summer here.

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