Friday, January 11, 2013

Shannon’s 2013 Goals

Grace suggested that we each write out some goals this year – both personal and for the blog. At first I wasn’t too interested because every year I set goals but rarely do they last into February. But then the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded. My thought is that if I put my goals on the internet that may keep me a bit more accountable. Mine aren’t as specific as Grace’s- just some guidelines.

Personal Goals

Exercise More:
Or really at all. It's terrible that I'm 26 and get winded going up two flights of stairs at work. This summer, I need to fit into a bathing suit for the first time in years. Not only is the family taking a week vacation to Duck, North Carolina but I’m also planning on winning the HGTV Dream Home on Kiwah Island. (I provided the link for the competition but don’t bother entering- the house is as good as mine.) I envision myself on the beach quite a bit this summer.

Anyway, in order to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, I’d like to set the goal of exercising at least three mornings a week. I bought a cheap-o elliptical from Amazon today so hopefully seeing that in my room every day will be motivation.

Eat Well:
There are so many easy, healthy recipes on pinterest that it’s a shame I haven’t tried any of them yet. I never cook and have the tendency to eat junk food for dinner. Yes, for dinner tonight I had half a bag of Wavy Lays and a row of Double Stuff Oreos. It was deliciously gross and I'm ashamed. This year, I would like to at least try to cook a healthy meal one or two times a week. (I'm realizing that if you're reading this and have never met me, you probably think I'm 600lbs and should be on a TLC special - luckily that isn't quite the case yet.)

Easy, healthy 20 minute meals

Read More:
A few years ago, I used to take public transportation to work. During that time, I would read a book a week. Now, I have to drive to work and I no longer have that precious hour each day to get lost in a book. This year I'd like to cut out some of my tv watching and read at night. My list of  books I'd like to read is rapidly growing and I have a few of them pinned so I don't forget. 
Blog Related Goals
My goals in this area are much the same as Grace’s.

Post once a week:
I have the tendency of trying all these different pins and taking pictures throughout but never getting around to typing it up. Right now I about 4 different pins that I’ve tried and have yet to post. One is from over 3 months ago!

Remember to take finished product pictures:
Often times if the pin I’m trying is for a party I’m hosting, once my guests arrive, I forget to take the final picture. I need to remember to snap a quick picture before I get too distracted.

Home (Apartment) Related

Work on the Décor:
When I moved into my apartment I was just two years out of college. I just used whatever I had on hand (cheap Target & Ikea furniture, old picture frames, tired rugs) to decorate. Although I don’t want to spend much money, I’d like to make some improvements to make my apartment look less dorm like and more young adult.

Revamp your Ikea dresser
Vacation Shadow Boxes
Get Organized:
My clothes closet is just a disgrace. I can never find anything in it. As a result I end up wearing the same 3 outfits over and over. I know there’s some cute stuff hidden in there. I just need to find a way to make it so I can see everything.

17 ways to make organizing fun

So there it is -my 2013 goals. Like Grace mentioned, we’ll check back this summer and see how we’re doing. 

Update: Click here to see how I've been doing. 

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