Thursday, January 3, 2013

Belated Christmas Wrap Up (again) - Part 2

In Part 1 of my Christmas-stuff-wrap-up, I talked about hosting the Christmas dinner, but now I am onto a couple fun Christmas kids crafts. I have noticed for awhile now that "quiet books" seem to be pinned a lot. I never really knew what it was until I started browsing through the "Kids" boards. From what I understand, its a book full of things to keep kids busy and quiet. Felt seems to be a popular material used in these books. Apparently felt sticks to felt. I then started to notice felt wall hangings, and in particular, felt Christmas Trees:

What a smart way to give kids their own tree to decorate without messing up the real one. Rachel from Sol and Rachel made this adorable little tree during her own little Christmas Pinterest Craft-a-thon. Since there is no actual sewing involved, I knew I could tackle this.

I started with a large rectangle of green felt and just free-handed a tree shape on one side with some chalk:

Then I cut it out, folded it in half and traced my edge on the other side and cut that too. I wanted it to be symmetrical so I figured that was the easiest way. After that I just plopped myself in on the floor in front of the tv (watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation) and started cutting out the decorations. I decided that it would be too hard to tape all the little edges of the tree to the wall, so I hot glued the tree to a rectangular piece of white felt. I also hot glued the details (the bottom part of the lights, the ribbon on the gifts, etc). Here is my final product:

I tried both 3m strips and masking tape behind it to keep it all up, but it just kept falling. So eventually I resorted to just taping with masking tape along the edges. JJ seemed to like taking all the pieces off, and it took a little help to get him to stick them back on. I am sure he will appreciate more next year, but it did keep him a little busy this year.

After it was attacked by JJ

I think before I try and hang it up next year, I will follow Amanda's advice from The Little Giggler and sew some D-rings on the top so I can hang it from hooks like her snowman:

Onto the next craft: How could I let Christmas go by without using my baby's footprint or fingerprint on something. I mean its all over Pinterest:

Source: One Artsy Mama

Source: Beneath The Rowan Tree
Source: Kideas

I settled on this one (naturally its from Disney, I am a semi-closeted Disney nut):

Source: Disney Baby
I bought a brown stamp pad from Michaels and decided the best way to get a good print was while JJ was eating. So I covered the footrest of his highchair with plastic wrap (in case he set his inked foot down), gave him some Crunchies, and started stamping his foot.

Once they were dry, I attached a red pom pom for the nose, and some googly eyes. I tried to glue some brown pipe cleaners on for the antlers:

But they would not stay on no matter how much glue I used. On to Plan B, a brown sharpie:

Lastly, I glued it onto some Christmasy paper (also seen on clothespins on my Christmas Card Holder from last year). I made a bunch and used them as cards for JJ to give to his maany babysitters over the last year (and of course the grandmothers). They were a big hit!

Some were a bit more "smooshy" than others and my boy has a fat foot, but I think they came out cute. I had other grandiose plans to do a whole bunch more holiday stuff, like having a fresh bunch of Egg Nog Muffins ready for Christmas morning and getting the most adorable shot for a Christmas card, but in the end I am happy I could get these little things done, along with all the gift buying, wrapping, hosting, and oh yea, working I had to do as well. There's always next year!

Stay tuned, in my next post I am going to review the Personalized Board Books I ordered as a couple gifts.

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