Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Card Holder

I have been waiting for the holiday season to craft up one of my most popular pins, a cute Christmas Card Holder:

I found it awhile ago and it has been repinned a lot. Unfortunately, the link on RedThreadDIY no longer works, but it was easy to make up as I went along. I had some stuff to donate to my local Goodwill Store, so while I was there I checked out the frame/art area. I wanted two semi-large frames so I could so some horizontal rows and vertical rows. I found these two 1980's beauties and new I could make them work:

The best news is they were $6.99 and 50% off. Of course they weighed 800lbs but I knew once I took the glass out that would take out most of the bulk. First I had to remove the paper backing and about 100 staples to get that masterpiece out:

I was left with two super light, slightly banged up gold frames:

Nothing a quick coat of red spray paint couldn't fix:

Some of the dark coloring/gold came through, but I liked it. It added some interest and kept the red form being too "fire engine". Next I stapled the ribbon strips into the crevice where the glass, mat, and cardboard were before:

Then stretched as tight as I could and attached to the other side. I then hung them on a blank wall I have in my living room using 3M picture hanging strips. They were super light so only needed one strip each:

I knew that hanging the flat, photo type cards as well as vertical cards were going to be a problem. To remedy this, I jazzed up some clothes pins I had left over from my baby shower.

I painted the sides with some gold paint (it was a little more subtle then I expected, next time I would probably use a bolder color):

 Then cut some strips of holiday scrapbook paper, glued them on and sealed them in with Mod Podge.

Finally, I loaded up my frames:

What do you think? They were simple to make (just a little time consuming with all the staples and waiting for the paint to dry), easy to hang, and will be easy to store. They were also cheap - probably way under $10 each. It could be cute to change up the ribbon every year too! Once I get some more cards they might get a little crowded, so if I ever make new ones I might look for bigger frames. Now I just need to get my butt in gear and get our Christmas cards out!


  1. Such a great idea...thanks for sharing. I've got to get busy rustling up my old frames. I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit and follow too if you like. Warm wishes

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lori! I just checked out your site and LOVE it! I'll definitely be following!

  3. Love your whole blog idea, copying stuff you see on pinterest. so cute. I'm your newest follower.


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