Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house, so I figured I should probably post about the Trifle I made for Thanksgiving. I repinned this delicious looking photo awhile back:

and since I don't really like pie (unless its chocolate cream), I thought this would be a good choice for Thanksgiving - it would give me something to eat. I never got around to making it Wednesday with my sisters over, we spent too much time talking, watching the Regis 20/20 Special I DVRed (I am really going to miss him!) and watching Shannon make that gross cake. Of course, in usual Grace fashion, I didn't read the recipe until I started it, and realized I was supposed to make it a day ahead of time so it could chill in the fridge. Oh well.

I started cooking at around 9am, making both this Trifle and a Sweet Potato Souffle (my grandmother's recipe) and was in the kitchen all morning. First I had to bake the cakes, let them cool, and then used my food processor to crumble them up:

Then I made the pudding, and again, didn't allow it to fully cool before I mixed it with the pumpkin mixture. The result was a semi-lumpy pudding. I also decided to use fresh whip cream instead of cool whip. So I whipped that up in the mixer:

Then it was time to assemble. I used the biggest glass bowl I own (I don't have a trifle bowl) and started to add the cake. I quickly realized if I used one whole cakes worth of crumbs, I would never have enough room for two sets of layers. So I took some out then added in half the pudding mixture. Turns out perhaps I should have held back with some of that as well:

The ratio was a bit off. Next came some whip cream. Apparently my proportions were all off, because I only added a thin layer of the cream:

I was almost up to the top of the bowl and had another set of layers to go. I did my best and although its not as pretty as the picture, it still worked.

Obvious confession - I didn't have enough whip cream. It travelled like this to my parents house where my cousin (Hi Claire!) added some more on after she finished whipping some up for the chocolate cream pie.

Verdict: It was pretty tasty and I got a bunch complements. If you like gingerbread - it is a good choice. It was nice and light (which I worried about since the bowl weighed 20 lbs by the time I was done). I think the pudding could have come out a little smoother if I followed the directions and let it cool all the way before adding the pumpkin. I think I would probably make something different for next year though.

Things to consider: Don't be dumb like me and actually read the directions in advance. It would have made this whole thing a lot easier. Also, this recipe makes a ton! I didn't use all the cake and I think if I make it again, I would half the whole thing. We barely made dent in this dessert.

Also, in case you were wondering, here is the souffle I was also slaving over that morning:

I had to make half of the topping without nuts - my sister (Hi Kelsey!) doesn't like them. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - now onto Christmas baking, decorating, and crafts!!

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