Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freezer Files: Biscuit Topped Chicken Pot Pie

Welcome to the first installment of my Freezer Friendly Meals review. During the last couple weeks of my pregnancy, I did some research to find some meals that I could make double, and freeze half. This way I would have a few easy meals to throw in the oven once the baby came. Thanks to our generous friends and family, I haven't had to made many of these yet. I finally got around to using this Chicken Pot Pie last week:

To be honest, I have made this Cooking Light recipe before, but have never frozen it. It is sort of time consuming and involved (I hate working with leeks!), but its very tasty, has lots of vegetables, and is a big hit in this house. So I made up two batches, we ate one that night and I split the other one up and froze them up.

Cooking up the leeks, shallots, potatoes, etc

Adding the vegetables into the creamy mixture

 Split up the batch into these two

Baked them just shy of being completely done, let them cool, then froze them.

The mess that is my kitchen while making this

So last week I pulled one out of the freezer and popped it in the oven. Obviously it took longer than normal, but it was so easy!

JJ was a hungry and being fed when I should have taken it out. The result was a little over done - but not burned. Still delicious! 

 Almost had leftovers, but I devoured the rest of this!

Things to consider: I buy a rotisserie chicken from my local Stop and Shop to use in this recipe. Cooking up chicken for this would make the whole process take even longer. I always add more vegetables then called for (it just doesn't seem like enough). Also, I put some butter on the topping before putting it back in oven after freezing it. Perhaps that takes away some of the "light", but it ensures it doesn't dry out. 

Like I said, it takes awhile and involves lots of chopping, mixing, measuring, etc, but it is worth the effort. Now that I know that it freezes well, I might make a habit of making two and freezing half for another time!

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