Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Better Small Product Photography

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers –Katie Bower, posted a how-to on small product photography. I think her intended audience is for those who sell products online (like etsy). I don't sell anything but I figured some of the tips might be helpful for blog photos.

I immediately pinned the post so I could remember to go back and give her tips a try one day. Well that day was last Sunday.
Before I show you how it went, I have to say, Grace is the one with the nice camera and Photoshop. I just have a cheap point & shoot camera from Target. The small amount of editing I do (i.e. cropping) is done with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

I took two poster boards and set them up as Katie showed on her blog.

The poster board was sliding and not staying in place so I used some books to hold it in place.

To hold the vertical board up, I used a jar.

I used a starfish as my test subject. Here’s how it would look normally if I was taking a picture of it.

Look at that ugly rug! I've found a few new rugs that I like but haven't been able to bite the bullet and spend the money on one.

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day so I don’t think the pictures came out as great as they could have. Here’s how it looked on the poster board.

I made sure that any light was behind me.

I think they the all white background makes whatever you photographing look crispier.

You may have noticed that I used this technique when capturing my Oreo Truffle Brownies.

I see a small improvement but I am definitely going to keep trying to better my photography skills.  Katie provides a great deal of tips in her blog post – be sure to check it out!

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