Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Dirty Little Secret…

Okay, so I am going to reveal something that I am not too proud of - pictures of my gross bathroom.  

My bathroom sucks for a few reasons. First, I think the whole bathroom was originally blue and at some point my landlord decided to poorly paint it over white.

You see the bits of blue in the picture above? Isn't that awful? I had no idea that you could even paint over tile. Now keep in mind, I rent so my options are limited in what I can do. So the chipped paint is going to have to stay.

The other terrible thing about my bathroom is that the grout around the tub is covered in mold.

I know- gross!
I've lived in this apartment for 3 years and I honestly can’t remember if there was any mold when we first moved in (I imagine not). Cleaning the bathtub is my least favorite thing to do. I would rather clean 1000x toilets over cleaning a bathtub. I don’t know why- I think because there’s just so much surface & crevices to clean.

When I came across this pin from, I just knew I had to try it out.

Jessica said that with just some cotton beauty coils and bleach, the mold can be removed. The idea is to soak the cotton in beach, press it against the mold and let it sit overnight.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any cotton beauty coils (confession- I didn’t look too hard) so I just bought some regular old cotton balls.

I grabbed my gloves and soaked the cotton balls in bleach.

man hand
Then I just made sure to really press the soaked cotton balls into the grout.

Here’s where I failed on the planning aspect- I had to get in the shower two hours later, so I wasn't able to really let the bleach soak in.  However, in just the two hours there was definitely some improvement (but it’s still pretty gross).

My plan is to try it again another weekend and really let it sit overnight and see how it goes. I’ll definitely keep you posted.  For now, I’m just going to keep the shower curtain closed and hope no one will notice!

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