Monday, April 29, 2013

New Rug

As I've mentioned in my 2013 Goals, I want to make updates to my apartment decor. The idea is to make it more adult and less broke college kid. After all, I've been out of college for 5 years already -such a bitter pill to swallow!

So far this year, I was able to: update my book case, DIY some book ends, purchase a new comforter, and create some wall art

Bookcase Update
DIY Bookends
Shadow Box
You may recall from my quarterly update that I mentioned I was on the hunt for an affordable (i.e. cheap) rug. I've come across a few pins that seemed to go with the aesthetic I was looking for:
The link has broken since I originally pinned it.
They all seemed to be in the $150-$200 which is reasonable but more then I was looking to spend. So I kept on the hunt. Every few days I’d do a quick search hoping I’d come across something more in my price range. Then finally I came across this beauty on which was on sale for $108.

It wasn't exactly what I was looking for (I wanted an all grey geometric print rug- like this) but it fit the color scheme and price range. I took the plunge and bought it.

Here’s what my room used to look like:

I had that rug for the last 5 years.

Here’s how the room looks now:

I’m not sure that I love it, but it works for now. In certain light, the rug looks yellow in other light it looks like gold.  

It’s the same size as my old rug, but I wish I had gotten a smaller size. However, I am not going to bother returning it -I'm way to lazy to ship it back.  What is nice is that the pattern ties in with fabric on the back of the book case!

There’s a few other changes I’d like to make.

I’d like to figure out a way to hide the elliptical. It’s such an eye sore but there’s no other place to keep it.  I haven’t been able to think of a good way to hide it. Maybe hang a grey curtain creatively from the ceiling? Anyone have a better idea? 

I’d also like to update my headboard. The tan doesn't match the color scheme anymore. I’d like to either get a whole new head board so I can change the layout of the room or re-cover it in grey or white. 

I’d also like to add another shadow box or two. They just look so small on the wall as is. 

The last thing I have in mind is to add some type of window treatment. I'll keep you posted on any pinterest inspired updates I make!

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