Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wine Cork Memo Strip

Remember the wine cork "V" I made a looooong time ago? It was actually one of my first posts:

Well I had a bucket of wine corks left over just taking up space in my craft closet. I looked through my Pinterest boards to brainstorm a use for them and found this photo:

Unfortunately, the link doesn't work so I apologize to whoever (whomever?) came up with this idea that I am stealing since I cannot properly credit you. Anyway, the side of our fridge is a disaster...

Full of fun stuff - invitations, baby announcements, postcards, etc. But a mess nonetheless
and the wall next to the pantry door is pretty empty...

Perfect opportunity to work on my goal of hanging stuff up on the walls.

So I thought it would be fun to put a couple wine cork strips up in that spot. It was really simple, all I needed was some ribbon and the hot glue gun.

I bought a couple different options of ribbon while at Walmart - I was looking for something gray to try and make the kitchen wall color appear more gray (it looks purple most of the time), but the options were pretty limited. I decided to go with the chevron (even though I sort of hate chevron) because I thought the color and width were the best of the lot. Then I just started gluing the corks to the ribbon and each other, alternating which side the wine-stained end would go.

After 25 corks, I just made a loop at the top with the ribbon and glued it down as well.
All I had on hand to hang them up were a couple of gigantic Command hooks. The look ridiculous right now, but they at least give me an idea of what they look like up on the wall. I am thinking of just screwing in a couple teacup hooks to hang them - but I have to convince Joe to do that for me and he's been busy in the office.

I scrounged up some push pins and pulled a couple things from the fridge and tacked them up. Cute, right?

While 25 corks seemed plenty long while I was gluing, it doesn't hold many big items. I am considering adding another, longer strip in between the two. What do you think? Seriously though, this was one of the easiest crafts I have done to date. The whole things took less than 30 minutes.

What do you think? Anyone else out there have an easy craft for wine corks? Even though I keep using them, for some reason I seem to keep collecting more...

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