Friday, May 31, 2013

Easy Fixes: 2 Hits and a Miss

We've all seen those things on Pinterest - the kind that get a million repins with the caption "genius!" - Little tips and tricks to help make our lives a little easier. I thought I would do a quick recap on 3 that I have recently attempted - 2 were great, 1 not so much (but the failure is totally my fault)

First up - bib storage:

Unfortunately its a dead-end pin, but the caption reads "Command hook on back of highchair or baby seat." I gave it a shot a couple months ago, but because of the angle of JJ's highchair, it didn't work out so well. They kept sliding off the back so I wound up stealing the hook to use for some holiday decorating. A couple weeks ago, however, I found a couple packs of command hooks on sale at Target:

and thought of another great place to keep them. I stuck one up on the inside of the most used cabinet in the kitchen - the one that holds our dishes and JJ's sippy cups:

and its now the perfect spot for his bibs. So much better than hanging them on the knob on the outside of the cabinet like I was doing before!

Next up - another use for those new hooks - the Kitchenaid Mixer attachments!
Source: The Hyper House
Julie at The Hyper House did a post about her baking nook and included this picture. I pined it awhile ago and kind of forgot about it until I scored those hooks at Target. I quickly stuck a couple up on the inside of my pantry door:

and now the ones I don't need stay out of my way (I used to store them in the mixing bowl so they would be hanging around my already cluttered countertops when I was using the mixer):

Clearly we don't paint the inside of cabinets or pantry doors in this house...

Last up was this pin which I saw floating around but apparently never actually pined until I went looking for it while typing up this post:

Source: Martha Stewart
Martha suggests running a couple lines of acrylic-latex caulk across the back of a slippery rug to keep it in place. On another recent Target outing, I picked up a little mat for the kitchen floor:

The problem? It will not stay in place. I remembered that pin, but didn't really feel like breaking out a caulking gun, so I made a feeble and 2 minute attempt using some hot glue - its close enough to caulk right?:

Wrong. While it did stay in place for a couple days, eventually all the hot glue peeled off. Without the glue though, I am able to wash it (and it def needed it after the mess of Mother's Day). I would like to try and use caulk so it will stay in one place - but does anyone know if I will be able to throw it in the washing machine? Should I just get some sort of non-slip mat for underneath?

Anyway - there's a quick recap on why Command Hooks are great (and even better when they are on sale!) and how hot glue does not have the same non-slip qualities as caulk. 

Anyone else have some quick and easy Pinterest tips to share?

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