Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brownie Roll-Ups

Here’s another post about a pin I tried forever ago (April 2012 to be exact) but never typed up – this time because it was a total failure.

Let me start this post by admitting that I LOVE yodels –they are my guilty pleasure. I used to buy them every so often at the grocery store and hide them at the bottom of my cart because I was so embarrassed. I was [and still am] completely devastated when they were taken off the market because Hostess & Drake's went under. I’m hoping this article is true!

Now that you have some background on my love of yodels, you can see why I wanted to give these brownie roll-ups from a shot.

Don’t they look sort of like yodels -just missing the chocolate coating?

I'm guessing these didn't work out for me because I tried to take the easy way out. Shelly gives directions on how to make the brownies from scratch. I decided to use a box mix and store bought frosting.

So I whipped up the brownies…

and cut them into squares.

Then I put the brownies between two pieces of wax paper

and flattened them with a rolling pin.

Next came the frosting.

And here’s where this whole thing took a turn for the worst.

They did not roll correctly at all.

I tried it with one or two different squares and then gave up.

Perhaps I will need to try this again, using Shelly’s homemade brownie recipe and see if they come out any better. If I do, I’ll let you know how it turns out! Have any of you tried anything recently that didn't come out quite right?

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