Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travel Keepsake Box – Part 1

Remember the Travel Keepsake Shadow Box I made a few weeks ago? Well, when I posted a picture of it on instagram, my sister Kelsey asked me to make her one as well. Instead of making her a shadow box, I decided to try something else I saw on Pinterest.

Martha Stewart
The keepsake box makes it easy to store photos, tickets, and any other type of memento that you collect during travel and it's cute to put on a book shelf!

Off to ACMoore I went to collect my supplies. I couldn't find the exact boxes that Martha used but I found something else that would work just as well.

Kelsey said she liked the combination of blue & green so that’s what I grabbed for the paint. I picked up a grey color by Martha Stewart for the lettering and a few stencils.

Step one was to paint the boxes. I mixed the paint with some water as Martha suggests.

Then came the stenciling – this did not go well.

I later painted the bottom of the boxes.
Whomp Whomp. Apparently stenciling is not in my crafting wheel. I tried to fix it up as much as possible by using q-tips and paint. I attempted a second box but it came out even worse.

I had a third box to stencil 'Australia' on but I decided to hold off. I wasn't going to attempt to stencil a word/country that long.

I've decided that I am going to buy some alphabet stickers to put on the boxes. I’ll just put them on the opposite side and tell Kelsey to keep the stenciled side towards the back. I’ll show you some pictures when they are finally complete.

I'll be linking this to the Pinterest Challenge hosted by YoungHouseLove and BowerPowerBlog. What are you linking?


  1. I have seen those boxes and have recently been using those stencils to stencil words onto canvas. I actually have those same stencils. To avoid some of the issues you encountered (and make it so that I can use the stencils again and again), I have traced the stencils with a pencil and then filled in my pencil marks with paint. It takes a steady hand and small brush, but I think that my projects have come out pretty well.

    1. What a great idea, thanks Julie! I'll have to try that on that extra box I have. Thanks again!

  2. This project is amazing! I recognized right away that you were going for those Martha Stewart boxes! It turned out incredible. Great craft!

    1. Thanks Stacey! I love how your embroidery came out!

  3. i cannot wait to do this!!! you did a fantastic job. i love the idea and pinned it awhile back...this will definitely be one of my upcoming 'pinspired' projects! =)

    1. Thanks Andrea! Be sure to post how it comes out! Loved your art work [and The Black Keys]!


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