Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Cream Pie in a Jar

Even though here in Boston we've already seen snow, it's still technically Fall and I want to squeeze in as much pumpkin as possible. So get ready, it's yet another pumpkin post...

There’s something about mason jars that I find so adorable. Anytime I see a pin with pie or cake in a jar, I immediately re-pin it. So when I saw these pots of pumpkin cream pie from thecraftingchicks, I knew it’d be the perfect thing to bring to book club this month.

In case you were wondering, we read Orange is the New Black. It's a memoir about a middle class, white woman's year in prison. It wasn't my favorite pick but it certainly wasn't the worst thing we've read. But I digress...

original pin
Here’s a line up of the ingredients I used (just pretend that butter and milk are there too).

You start by making the no-bake “crust.” It’s just sugar, graham crackers and butter. I mixed that together in a bowl and pressed it into the bottom of the mason jars. Then I threw the jars into the fridge while I prepared the pumpkin cream.

Next up comes the pumpkin cream layer. It couldn’t be easier. You just mix up the instant vanilla pudding, pumpkin, milk, cool whip, and pumpkin pie spice.

Then evenly distribute to each jar

Top with extra cool whip and chill in fridge for at least 3 hours.

And enjoy!

Verdict: I loved it! They are such a cute way to package/display pumpkin cream pie. Also, they are super easy & quick to prepare.

Things to Note/Consider: For me this recipe yielded 10 half pint jars. My jars were a bit taller and thinner than the crafting chicks (they were the only ones they had in the grocery store). In the future, I would definitely stick to the shorter and stout jars. That way you can taste all three layers in one scoop. Also, I always say this but I should have just whipped my own cream instead of using the cool whip. Fresh whipped cream always tastes better. I was just being lazy as per usual.

I know, I know!- my handwriting is pretty messy.
Sadly, I forgot to even put these beauties out at book club. Everyone always brings so much food- it's overwhelming! But I brought a bunch to work and they were a big hit! A couple people even asked me for the recipe.

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