Monday, November 28, 2011

Slow Cooker Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken

I am a big fan of using  my slow cooker. I am not insane in trying to use it everyday, but before JJ I would try and use it once a week. It makes coming home to an almost finished dinner and delicious smelling house so wonderful. I pinned this recipe awhile back:

from Six Sisters Stuff. I believe they reference the recipe from somewhere else, but they supply it as well. I figured it would be a quick to throw together for an easy meal (and I am looking for easy these days!).

Grating an apple was new for me, but it was easy. I only used one though because I didn't have the patience to do another one.

Grated Apple

Wrapping the bacon around the chicken

All sauced up and ready to go

Here is the final product:

Full disclosure, I got it in late, so I put it on high for an hour and then low for another 5. I also used really thin chicken breasts, so I think that was more than enough time (probably even too much - it came out a little dark).

Verdict: It was tasty and juicy despite the dark appearance. I think I would make it again. Joe isn't a huge fan of BBQ sauce though, so it probably won't be in the rotation very often.

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